Airbus Delivers Its 10th A220 Built In The United States

Airbus has delivered its 10th U.S-made A220 from its assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama. The manufacturing giant delivered the A220-300 to JetBlue yesterday, with the airline receiving the second of 70 A220s... Read more »

Airbus Swings To Profit Amid Flurry Of Aircraft Deliveries

European planemaker Airbus has reported a first-quarter net income of €362 million ($439 million), giving the company its third profitable quarter in a row. It further secured 39 new aircraft orders in... Read more »

Airbus Retires The World’s First Beluga

The first-ever Airbus Beluga transport aircraft has left Broughton for the last time. Beluga number one departed the Airbus factory in North Wales just after 15:00 BST today, on its way to... Read more »

The Longest Airbus A321LR Flights To Date Revealed

Airbus has a bona fide hit on its hands with the A320 family of planes. Since the first plane rolled off the assembly line in Toulouse, Airbus has pushed the boundaries with... Read more »

EASA Asks Airlines To Replace Some Airbus A320 Fuel Pumps

Beyond all three major US airlines, numerous smaller carriers in the US operate substantial Airbus A320 Family fleets. Of course, this also extends to aircraft in other parts of the world. Photo:... Read more »

Is An Airbus A350 Freighter Getting Closer To Reality?

Airbus has long been rumored to be working on a freighter derivative of the A350. This A350F would go head-to-head with the popular 777F and would be the European giant’s biggest foray... Read more »

The Fall Of The Airbus A300

As a boy, I used to watch the Airbus A300s cruise in over the suburbs to land in Sydney. When I was older, I got to fly in them occasionally. Although lacking... Read more »

How Does The Loading Of The Airbus Beluga Work?

Particularly since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, airfreight has played a significant role in keeping the world moving. Several passenger airliners have specialized cargo-carrying variants, onto which cargo is loaded conventionally... Read more »

What New Airbus A220 Operators Can We Expect To See This Decade?

The Airbus A220 has had a significant impact on the short-haul market since entering service with SWISS in July 2016. Nearly five years later, it has become an increasingly widespread aircraft. However,... Read more »

Why Hasn’t Airbus Built An A318neo?

In the last five years, Airbus has made waves in the single-aisle, short-haul market with its A320neo family of aircraft. The ‘neo’ suffix stands for ‘New Engine Option,’ and these planes have... Read more »