FAA Issues Airbus A320 Family Airworthiness Directive For Over 1200 Planes

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that it is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Airbus A320 family aircraft. The group estimates that the notification affects 1,203 planes of... Read more »

How Airbus Reacted To The A350 Cockpit Coffee Problem

Some of our readers may recall an article we wrote in January regarding spilled beverages being to blame for two Airbus A350 engine-shutdown incidents in January and November. Both led to diversions... Read more »

How Rain Caused An Airbus A220 Engine To Shut Down

Transport Canada issued an airworthiness directive late last week for operators of the Airbus A220. It follows a problem with water dripping into the forward avionics bay. Operators of the A220 have... Read more »

Airbus Outperforms Boeing With August Deliveries

Airbus delivered a total of 38 passenger aircraft in August 2020, according to new figures released today. By comparison, Boeing delivered just four passenger aircraft during the same period. However, despite delivering... Read more »

Airbus A350 Bird Like Formation Flights One Step Closer To Reality

Airbus originally unveiled its fello’fly initiative at the Dubai Airshow last year. Now, the idea of taking a cue from birds and applying it to aviation has moved a step closer to... Read more »

Inside Airbus’ Bizarre Twin Jet Double Deck Plane Concept

Many will think that designing the Airbus A380 was the last time that Airbus considered a double-decker aircraft. However, that’s not the case. In 2013, six years after the first Airbus A380... Read more »

Airbus Celebrates First Flight Of The A321neo With MSN 10000

On Friday, European planemaker Airbus posted a photo to Twitter accompanied by the words “This is not just another #A321neo. Can you guess what’s so special with this aircraft?” The aircraft photographed was... Read more »

Airbus Reveals Three Stunning Concepts For Zero Emission Aircraft

To celebrate zero emissions day 2020, Airbus has revealed three concept aircraft, codenamed ZEROe. These hydrogen-powered planes would be the first to produce zero emissions in flight and could revolutionize air transport... Read more »

Airbus Will Do Everything To Avoid Compulsory Layoffs

Today, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury told French media that Airbus would try to do everything possible to avoid laying off staff. However, Faury also stated that compulsory redundancies were not entirely off... Read more »

FAA And EASA Warn Against A Certain A320neo Engine Treatment

A preservative used in jet fuel is in the spotlight following an airworthiness directive issued by both the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration. The preservative could cause... Read more »