Families Of Boeing 737 MAX Victims To Get $500 Million Compensation

A fund to compensate families of the victims of the two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crashes has opened in the US. The fund, worth $500 million, will be administered to the heirs,... Read more »

Boeing completes successful 737-10 first flight

Boeing’s 737-10, the largest airplane in the 737 MAX family, today (June 18, 2021) completed a successful first flight. The airplane took off from Renton Field in Renton, Washington, at 10:07 a.m. and landed at 12:38 p.m. at... Read more »

The First Boeing 737 MAX 10 Takes Flight

Boeing’s largest 737 MAX variant, the MAX 10, has lifted off from Renton Municipal Airport (RNT). The 737 MAX 10 made its maiden flight in a very different manner from other Boeing... Read more »

How Much Is A Boeing 717-200 Worth In 2021?

The 717-200 is one of the quiet achievers in the Boeing stable. The aircraft was originally built by McDonnell Douglas and called the MD-95. McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing in 1997, and... Read more »

Why The Boeing 787 Has Dimmable Windows

The Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ is an exciting aircraft that has helped set several precedents for the future of flying. For example, its high efficiency has helped to catalyze the recent trend among... Read more »

US In Discussions With China Over Boeing 737 MAX Approval

The 737 MAX is making a steady return to service around the world, with airlines in the US, Europe and more reactivating fleets and taking deliveries of new aircraft. But there is... Read more »

Boeing Conducts 737 MAX 10 Taxi Tests

Boeing is conducting the final taxi tests of its first 737 MAX 10 aircraft. Eagle-eyed planespotters have spied the MAX 10 out and about in preparation in Renton for its first flight... Read more »

27 Years Ago The Boeing 777 Made Its First Flight

Yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of the Boeing 777’ss first flight. This twinjet allowed Boeing to fill the gap in its portfolio between its existing 747 and 767 designs in terms of... Read more »

Boeing Has Had Net Positive Orders For Four Consecutive Months

Boeing grew its net order book by 20 planes in May as the aircraft manufacturer posted its fourth consecutive month of net positive orders. Boeing took orders for 73 aircraft across May,... Read more »

How Much Is A Boeing 747-8 Worth In 2021?

While the Boeing 747-400 was a massive hit with the aviation industry, its younger sister, the 747-8, didn’t do so well. Just three airlines operate passenger versions of the latest jumbo jet... Read more »