Air Force Two Boeing 757s Won’t Be Replaced

The US government has decided not to replace its fleet of modified Boeing 757s. Typically known by the callsign ‘Air Force Two,’ these aircraft are used to transport the current Vice President,... Read more »

Boeing Partners With Alaska Airlines For Latest ecoDemonstrator

Boeing has revealed the latest chapter in its ecoDemonstrator program, running since 2012. The American manufacturer is partnering with Alaska Airlines to test roughly 20 new technologies on a Boeing 737 MAX... Read more »

Boeing Wants To Go Back To Pre-Pandemic 787 Production Rates

Manufacturing juggernaut Boeing is currently producing its 787 ‘Dreamliner’ family at a lower rate than normal. The challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have not been the only factor in this. Indeed,... Read more »

Alaska Airlines to join the Boeing ecoDemonstrator Program with a special 737-9 logo jet

Boeing made this announcement: Boeing and Alaska Airlines announced today they are partnering on the latest Boeing ecoDemonstrator program and will flight test about 20 technologies on a new 737-9 to enhance... Read more »

Boeing Reportedly Offers Qatar Airways A 777X Freighter Option

Boeing’s 777X program could get a much-needed boost with reports Doha-based Qatar Airways is keen on a freighter option. Qatar Airways is looking to increase its fleet of freighters. According to the... Read more »

9 Years Of Service: Why The Passenger Boeing 747-8 Didn’t Take Off

Today marks nine years since the Boeing 747-8’s first revenue-earning passenger-carrying flight. The aircraft is the latest variant from Boeing’s iconic 747 family, which, as a whole, dates back more than half... Read more »

Boeing halts 787 Dreamliner deliveries pending approval of planned inspection method

  Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker. From Reuters: “The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that Boeing had temporarily halted deliveries of 787 Dreamliners as the agency waits for more data to determine... Read more »

Where Did Air France’s Boeing 737s End Up?

When it comes to short-haul aircraft, many airlines favor aircraft from the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families. This has led the pair to become hugely successful, with each selling around 10,000... Read more »

Boeing Pauses 787 Dreamliner Deliveries

The production quality control issues keep disrupting Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner program. Having resumed deliveries only two months ago following a five-month-long hiatus, sources say hand-overs have once more been put on hold,... Read more »

Why 737 Fuselages Are Delivered To The Boeing Factory On Trains

In certain markets, airlines and train operating companies directly compete with each other for passengers. However, in other domains, the railway plays a vital role in getting planes in the air in... Read more »